SLS Group is a buy-and-build concept focusing on special logistics services. The group currently consists of more than 20 companies. The Samedaylogistics Group offers express airfreight, onboard courier and aircharter transport services for industrial clients. SLS Life Science offers medical/pharmaceutical sample shipping, medical onboard courier and worldwide express transport services.

Why shoud you become part of SLS? Growth and succession partner

Many entrepreneurs are currently reaching an age that makes one think about retirement - when to start and how to shape the future of the company. After all, one's own business represents a large part of one's personally created assets.

In addition to its focus on growth, SLS has also specialized as a partner for company succession. Thus, it offers the perfect partner for companies whose shareholders cannot or do not want to realize their own succession.

SLS can offer a variety of competencies in this area. We see ourselves as a partner who, through its broad network of specialist logistics experts, actively supports management in finding the right candidate for a succession and in initiating a generational change in a transitional phase - naturally according to the personal wishes and premises of the entrepreneur and at a time that is right for him. In parallel, our financial strength enables the entrepreneur to secure a large part of his assets and, in line with his preferences, to continue to participate in the success of the group's growth.

What are we looking for?

Products and services, competencies:

The product must be a special logistics service of some kind. Simple forwarders and city couriers are uninteresting, as are land-based heavy transports. At best, the company is already internationally active.

Basically, the following competences and products are of interest (not conclusive)

  • Logistics for art, antiques, valuables
  • Customs service providers
  • Logistics for pharmaceutical products and sensitive materials
  • Logistics for hazardous goods (e.g. ammunition, weapons, radioactive materials)
  • Logistical peculiarities such as security, considerable administrative effort, special regulations
  • Special transports and pickup and delivery
  • Live transports including organ transports and food transports (airfreight)
  • Transports with special hygienic regulations or with special size requirements
  • Spare parts logistics, especially AOG (Aircraft-on-Ground), ship spare parts or drilling logistics
  • Logistics service providers for problem situations (e.g. return of corpses)

In principle, we prefer special logistic service providers with asset-light or asset-free business models, preferably with synergy effects to the current SLS Group. In principle, land and sea transport as well as order picking and warehousing are also worth considering as possible forms.

In order to expand today's services, it is also possible to expand the existing competencies

  • Expressairfreight/Aircharter: Northamerica region with IATA freight licence and without own aircraft
  • OBC: specialised in certain sectors like AOG, hightech or oil&gas
  • Medical/pharmaceutical sample dispatch: Logistics for clinical studies; biotechnology companies, labs and medical institutes as customers

Requirements (size, region)

Companies must be headquartered in the US, Mexico, Asia or Europe. Only healthy companies with a positive growth outlook are interesting for us. The companies should not be restructuring cases.